Welcome to loveinpacks.com

A program developed by 4th grader Dj Flores. His focus is to provide a purse or backpack to the homeless giving them the essentials that we all need to take care of ourselves.
Recycling old textiles that are 100% recyclable, and help save plastic bags. To help spread love by loving on others
How can you help?

Donate a Purse &/or Backpack –please no rips or tears, & the zipper works.

Donate items that we put in the bags.



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Items We Put In Bags

Shampoo Conditioner Tweezer
Hair Spray Hair Brush  Chap Stick
Body Wash Body Lotion Razor
Toothpaste Toothbrush Toothbrush Holder
Dental Picks Dental Floss Toothpicks
Bobby Pins Pony Tail Holders Hair Ties
Deodorant Q-Tips Cotton Balls
Fingernail Polish Nail Polish Remover Band-Aids
Hydrogen Peroxide (small) Antibiotic Ointment Small Hand Sanitizer
Fingernail Clippers Nail File Small Kleenex
Sandwich Bags Snack Bags  
anything else you think we have forgotten


Help Dj love on someone one pack at a time.
Help the environment at the same time.


Email us at info@loveinpacks.com to find out other ways you can help!!

Donate Now

Donate Funds to help assist his project : any amount is acceptable